The Story So Far…

I was never a fan of New Year’s resolutions–to the point that I broke the only promise that I was hoping to keep  (“less taxi rides in 2013”) on my first day back to work. Yes, I know. What a way to start the year.

But I am, despite my weakness for oh-so-convenient cabs, an avid supporter of New Year plans–a.k.a. things that make or break the next 365 days. For 2010, it was to land a job (I did). For 2011, to get promoted (the efforts paid off). For 2012, to find a better job (thank goodness).

And my great, big plan for 2013? To visit the Mecca of all K-drama addicts.

The Original Plan

With Google behind my back, the planning rituals began. My K-addiction led me to believe that I had everything figured out: how much I needed to contribute for our household bills, which of the long weekends in 2013 had the best timing, when was my sister’s next enrollment period, how many vacation leaves did I have, what were the most probable dates of next seat sale, and how much must I save to avoid starving or sleeping on the streets of Seoul.

But reality kicked in and burst my bubble. I wasn’t allowed to travel alone (everybody had other plans) and escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula complicated things even further. After days of “to go or not to go, that is the question,” I bid farewell (for now) to the ultimate K-drama experience. And like another Taylor Swift song, I was in desperate need of… a rebound. Kidding.

Looking back at all the hours I spent researching (read: daydreaming) about my kimchi-flavored escapade, I refused to accept the fact that my 2013 was heading downhill. That’s when it hit me. Why settle for a single trip when I can have two?

My buy-1-take-1 plan has trouble written all over it–especially for someone who’s never been out of the country and would rather spend an entire weekend (1) watching the latest episodes of *insert flavor of the month here* or (2) starting the next chapter on her to-read towers. But what the heck. Let me deal with all the I-told-you-so’s later.

I looked at my bucket list (and tried to ignore the fact that Korea’s still sitting pretty on top): Paris? Too expensive. Boracay? Get in shape. And then… Bangkok.

Plan # 2

I don’t know what happened, but it clicked. I didn’t even have to look far for destination # 2… Siem Reap was the last entry on the list. Okay, fine. I scribbled Cambodia after I did a quick online search about Siam’s neighboring countries. But! The Angkor Wat is just a couple of hours away from the Thai capital. How can a UNESCO world heritage site not make it on my must-see places?

It didn’t take long before Trip Advisor became my new Master Yoda: “Wonderful, that place is.” Then, I realized how much I was missing.

So this maroon baby of mine may be more than two decades late, but I’m ready:

FB screenshot (2)


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