Where Has All The (Prep) Time Gone?

Yup, that’s the million dollar question.

where has all the prep time gone

I can’t believe that I’m 12 days away from the biggest event on any rookie traveler’s calendar: the first trip abroad.

My progress report? I booked a room in Bangkok (the one near Khao San Road). I can finally cross out that item on my checklist for good. And now that I’m on the final stretch, the long road to packing and other travel essentials begins here.

Must Buy/Borrow:

  • rubber shoes / waterproof sandals
  • luggage lock
  • camera screen protector
  • notebook screen protector
  • 16/32 gb memory card
  • camera case
  • spare camera battery
  • earphone/headphone
  • headgear
  • Ziploc bags
  • first aid must-haves
  • toiletries
  • duct tape

Must Do:

  • visit the dentist
  • get a haircut
  • have my 2X2 ID picture taken
  • scan travel documents/passport
  • print travel documents/passport
  • send a gentle reminder to the B&Bs
  • exchange peso to USD and THB
  • charge gadgets before flight

I have this feeling that the more-important-things-I-missed list is hiding somewhere–preparing for it’s last-minute grand entrance.

It’s funny how I can almost hear the chorus: <insert “My goodness, how can you forget ___ and ____?” here>


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