First Trip Abroad: The Good. The Bad. And The Disclaimer.

After 40 days (or so) of hiatus, let me start by saying “This is gonna be one heck of a bumpy trip down memory lane.”

Here are a few things on top of my head as I look back on my first trip abroad…

The Good

I fell in love with Cambodia.

First Trip Abroad - The Good

The Bad

We got scammed in Thailand.

First Trip Abroad - The Bad

The Disclaimer

Over the next few days (weeks or months–depending on how my memory will cooperate), there will be:

First Trip Abroad - The Disclaimer

  1. Gushing and fangirling (because Siem Reap is made of awesome sauce. The people. The temples. And especially the place where we stayed at!)
  2. Counting and recounting (just to check how many topics under the “no way” category turned into reality. My luck is a *bleep*)
  3. Ranting and feeling bad for my keyboard (because I type too hard every time I remember that scheming tuk-tuk driver and the hotel that pales in comparison to the one in Cambodia.)
  4. Flooding of blurred photos and *cough-forgive-the-cliché-cough* faded memories (well, my shaky hands made it clear that I have no career in photography. To make up for it, I’ll try reaaally hard to remember every scent, every taste, every conversation. No promises.)

Where’s the replay button when you need it?


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